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Joinery Timber and Exotic Timber | LIKA-ZN s.r.o.

Joinery Timber, Battenboards

The firm of LIKA - ZN s.r.o. was founded in 2003. Since that year our company has been engaged in the joinery timber market. The seat of the firm is situated in the suburbs of the town of Znojmo - in Přímětice.

Joinery Timber - Wholesale

Since the beginning our firm has focused especially on wholesale of joinery timber (dried-up and fresh timber). It has concerned particularly timber species, such as birch, alder-tree, and maple, which were imported from the countries, where these timber species reach the best quality. That is why among our most frequent business partners belong firms from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Romania.

Joinery Timber Joinery Timber Joinery Timber

Exotic Timber and Garden Furniture

Parallel with the wholesale of joinery timber our firm has dealt in exotic timber which is originated in Africa and America (e.g. Mahagony, Meranti, Teak, Cumaru, Merbau, Wenge, Zebrano, Red Alder, American Oak, American Maple).

In 2004 the activity of our company was extended. Since that year we have offered floor materials for outdoor terraces, which are made of exotic timber Bangkirai (including montage). A part of that activity is also an offer of garden furniture which is made of exotic timber Jatoba.

Terrace and Garden Furniture Made of Bangkirai Terrace and Garden Furniture Made of Bangkirai Terrace and Garden Furniture Made of Bangkirai

Joinery Timber - Retail

In 2005 the firm of LIKA – ZN s.r.o. started also retail of joinery timber in a lumber-yard in Znojmo (Uhelná Street). Considering the expansion of our company we moved our lumber-yard to a bigger warehouse in 2007. Nowadays our new lumber-yard is situated in the seat of our company, in Znojmo - Přímětice. At the present time our company disposes of storage capacity of about 950 m2. We have continuously timber in quantities of c. 250 - 300 m3 in store. Among the most traded timber species belong especially the domestic timber species, such as oak, beech, spruce, pine tree, larch-tree, maple, and ash-tree. In a smaller extent we have also another timber species in store, such as alder-tree, birch tree, cherry-tree, nut, and mahagony.


In 2009 our assortment was extended because of the requests of our clients. It concerns especially pine battenboards and floors from a firm of DDL Lukavec.

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Joinery timber, battenboards | LIKA - ZN, s.r.o. on Facebook Joinery timber, battenboards | LIKA - ZN, s.r.o. on Facebook